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  • The tribe Vesperoctenini Vives, 2005 currently contains 1 species in 1 genus. Photographs of the only described species is currently available for this tribe.
Diagnostic Features of Adults
  • Distinct morphology of mouthparts, the pectinate antennae, eyes visibly pubescent, elytra strongly striated, and distinct aedeagus.

  • Number of antennomeres 12. Head abruptly constricted posteriorly to form neck. Ratio of elytral length to pronotal length 6.6-7.85. Mesotarsal empodium with 3 or more setae (Lawrence, 2007).
Diagnostic Features of Larvae
  • Not yet available for this taxon.
Geographic Distribution of TribeBiology and Economic Importance
  • Vesperoctenus "...apparently live in Quercus forests above 1000 m altitude, although have been collected from much lower elevations. The adults are nocturnal. The males fly toward evening and are attracted to white and UV lights" (Vives, 2001).
Selected References to Adult SpecimensSelected References to Larval Specimens

♂ specimen
Vesperoctenus flohri Bates, 1891
Cerambycidae: Prioninae: Vesperoctenini
Photograph © N.P. Lord


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