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  • The tribe Hypocephalini Blanchard, 1845 currently contains 1 species in 1 genus. Photographs of the only described species is available for this tribe.
Diagnostic Features of Adults
  • Distinct taxon, not easily confused with any other cerambycoid beetle.

  • Ratio of elytral length to pronotal length 1.1-1.22. Metafemur much wider than mesofemur. Prothoracic trochantin or pleurotrochantin at least partly exposed. Anterior edge of prosternum with mesal excavation. Antennae moniliform; or incrassate or clavate (Lawrence, 2007).
Diagnostic Features of Larvae
  • Not yet available for this taxon.
Geographic Distribution of TribeBiology and Economic Importance
  • Biology and economic importance for this taxon coming soon.
Selected References to Adult SpecimensSelected References to Larval Specimens

Hypocephalus armatus Desmarest, 1832
Vesperidae: Anoplodermatinae: Hypocephalini
Photograph © N.P. Lord


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