A Synopsis of the Adult and Larval Plant Associations for New World Acmaeoderini (Coleoptera: Buprestidae)

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Genus Acmaeoderopsis Barr, 1974

Acmaeoderopsis chisosensis (Knull).
A: Acacia constricta (Nelson & Westcott 1976:274); Acacia farnesiana (Westcott, et al. 1990:222).

Acmaeoderopsis guttifera (LeConte).
A: Yucca blossoms, Cercidium sp. (Chamberlin 1926:22); Ceanothus divaricata, Condalia parryi, Quercus wislizenii, Q. dumosa, Rhamnus californica
     (Nelson 1959:23); Arctostaphylos sp. (Bellamy 1982:360).

Acmaeoderopsis hassayampae (Knull).
A: Atriplex canescens (Walters & Bellamy 1990:113).
L: Acacia greggii (Nelson 1965:38).

Acmaeoderopsis hualpaiana (Knull).
A: Prosopis juliflora (Nelson & Westcott 1976:274.)

Acmaeoderopsis hulli (Knull).
A: Prosopis sp. (Barr 1941:63); Celtis pallida (Vogt 1949:195); Larrea divaricata, Mimosa sp. (Nelson & Westcott 1976:274).
L: Prosopis glandulosa (Nelson & Westcott 1976:274).

Acmaeoderopsis jaguarina (Knull).
A: Pluchea sericea, Prosopis sp. (Barr 1941:62).
L: Salix goodingii (Nelson 1987:58).

Acmaeoderopsis junki (Théry).
A: Jatropha multifida (Chamberlin 1926:37).
L: Cercidium floridum (Chamberlin 1926:37; Van Dyke 1942:106); Acacia greggii (Nelson 1965:37).

Acmaeoderopsis paravaripilis (Barr).
A: Mimosa sp. (Barr 1972:190).

Acmaeoderopsis peninsularis (Barr).

Acmaeoderopsis rockefelleri (Cazier).
A: Acacia constricta, Prosopis juliflora (Nelson & Westcott 1976:274).

Acmaeoderopsis vaga (Barr).
A: Prosopis chilensis (Barr 1972:192).

Acmaeoderopsis varipilis (Van Dyke).
A: Acacia constricta (Van Dyke 1942:106).

Acmaeoderopsis westcotti (Barr).
A: Prosopis chilensis, P. pubescens, Acacia sp., Atriplex lentiformis (Barr 1972:188).