During the production of the illustrated summary of buprestoid classification (Bellamy 2003), other publications appeared that suggested changes to both recent and traditional views about the higher taxa and the component subordinate taxa included in the families, subfamilies, tribes and subtribes. With the printed world catalogue now completed, the following classification scheme, and now complete world checklist, is presented for consideration by those who are interested in such an accounting of the jewel beetles.

Species checklists for all genera have been added and are linked directly from their respective place in the following lists for two families, six subfamilies and fossil taxa. The genera are listed alphabetically in lieu of any defining phylogeny that might require an alternative arrangement. Within the respective genera, valid species and subspecies names are in bold; synonyms are in italics; unavailable names are not listed in these generic checklists. In addition, following each genus the number of valid species and a colored icon for the biogeographic region(s) are given in square brackets, e.g. [2], which would mean that the genus has two species that are found in the Australasian and Nearctic regions, respectively. These same colors are currently being added to each of the species lists found within this checklist (with the Schizopodidae, Galbellinae, Julodinae and Polycestinae now complete).

Links to images, of type specimens when available, are being added via a button after the species name in the checklist, either for a type [t] ('type', holotype, paratype, syntype, as the specimen is labelled) or simply an image [i] of a taxon from an identified specimen. The slides are labelled as I recorded them at the time and most do not reflect subsequent name changes from more recent combination changes, nor are they all labelled in the respective original combination.

As a test, complete pieces of the catalogue text, as PDFs [PDF], are being added for certain taxa, one by one, as time permits. PDFs indicated after the higher taxa in the following table are for the respective higher classification; PDFs for genera are, or will be, given within each family/subfamily classification within.

Superfamily BUPRESTOIDEA Leach, 1815
Family SCHIZOPODIDAE LeConte, 1859 [PDF] - genera  
  a Fossil Buprestidae - genera
Family BUPRESTIDAE Leach, 1815 [PDF]  
a Subfamily Julodinae Lacordaire, 1857 [PDF] - genera a Subfamily Chrysochroinae Laporte, 1835 - genera
a Subfamily Polycestinae Lacordaire, 1857 - genera a Subfamily Buprestinae Leach, 1815 - genera
a Subfamily Galbellinae Reitter, 1911 - genus a Subfamily Agrilinae Laporte, 1835 - genera