Electronic Newsletter

While the printed newsletter BUPRESTIS has been circulated since 1978, the time is right to communicate via the Internet and hence I am providing this location on which we all can post messages to better inform and request to/from each other so that our respective and collective research projects will have the widest possible expression and opportunity to include specimens and data held in collections in many countries and cities.

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  Should you wish to post a notice, requesting specimens for a revision or description, report on a recent experience or fieldtrip, etc.
    If you wish to exchange specimens, then you should arrange such individually via the growing email address book (click).
  Please contact me via email. I will review your text and place it in the appropriate section. Each issue is different, some with more and some with less information.     No commercial postings will be found here; for commercial things you could start with Insect.net (click).