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Genus: Oncideres

Diagnostic Features
  • Description: Elongate-oblong, small to large-sized, ranging from about 8–30 mm in length. Integument generally dark brown, black or ferrugineous with whitish, ferrugineous, black, and ochraceous pubescence. Head with frons shape variable, from elongate to transverse, about as wide as width of four lower eye lobes; frons surface roughly sculptured or not. Eyes with lower lobes shape variable, from oblong to ovate to distinctly narrow. Genae with shape variable, from elongate to transverse, about as tall to distinctly shorter than lower eye lobes. Antennal tubercles prominent, widely separated; tubercles not armed at apex or armed with a small projection, or with a short, blunt horn; antennae about as long as overall body length (females), or as much as twice as long (males); scape clavate, variable in length compared to antennomere IV; antennomere III variable in shape, from nearly straight to curved to sinuate, variable in length compared to scape and about as long or longer than antennomere IV; antennomere XI shorter than X (females) or longer than X (males). Pronotum moderately to strongly transverse, roughly cylindrical to conical, distinctly narrower at base, with distinct lateral tubercles; pronotal disk often one or more glabrous areas at center. Elytra with sides roughly parallel; elytral apices individually or jointly rounded; elytra generally uniform in coloration or speckled, or with distinct maculae; base of elytra without tubercles or with two or more prominent tubercles at humeri. Basal 1/3 of elytra with sparse to dense punctation, surface finely punctate, coarsely punctate, or granulate-punctate. Procoxae without projection or with an obtuse tubercle. Mesosternal process with apex variable, from subtruncate to deeply emarginate. Metafemora short to distinctly short in length, about 1/4–1/5 as long as elytra.

  • As currently defined, this speciose genus exhibits highly variable morphological characters. However, the combination of the following characters will help to distinguish this genus: pronotum with lateral tubercles; pronotum often cylindrical, narrower at base; and short metafemora.

  • Similar genus/genera: strongly resembles some species of Lochmaeocles, Microcanus, Oncioderes, Periergates, and Taricanus.
Geographic Distribution
  • Antilles (Dominica, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent)
  • North America (USA)
  • Central America (all countries)
  • South America (all countries except Chile)
Host Plants/Trees
  • Achatocarpaceae, Anacardiaceae, Annonaceae, Aquifoliaceae, Bignoniaceae, Bombacaceae, Boraginaceae, Burseraceae, Caesalpiniaceae, Casuarinaceae, Celastraceae, Chenopodiacea, Chrysobalanaceae, Cupressaceae, Ebenaceae, Elaeocarpaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Fagaceae, Flacourtiaceae, Julianaceae, Lauraceae, Lecythidaceae, Melastomataceae, Meliaceae, Mimosaceae, Moraceae, Myrsinaceae, Myrtaceae, Papilionaceae, Pinaceae, Platanaceae, Polygonaceae, Proteaceae, Rosaceae, Rubiaceae, Rutaceae, Salicaceae, Sterculiaceae, Ulmaceae, Urticaceae

  • Oncideres cingulata is a known pest of pecan (Carya illinoensis) in the USA.
Girdling Behavior
  • In Latin America, members of this genus are often referred to as "corta palo" [cuts wood] or "serrador" [one who saws].
  • In the USA, O. cingulata is commonly referred to as the "hickory girdler," O. pustulata as the "huisache girdler," and O. rhodosticta as the "mesquite girdler."
  • Duffy (1960) and Linsley (1940, 1961) described the biology of Onicderes.
  • Rice (1986, 1989, 1995) described the bionomics of O. cingulata and O. pustulata.
  • Forcella (1981, 1984) and Rogers (1977) described the bionomics of O. cingulata.
  • Romero et al. (2005) described the effects of O. humeralis on the number and size structure of its host plants in Brazil.
  • Hovore & Penrose (1982) and Touroult (2004) recorded Cerambycidae species which emerged from branches girdled by Oncideres.

The genus Oncideres currently contains 122 species:
  Oncideres a. albomarginata Thomson, 1868:80 [holotype specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres albopicta Martins & Galileo, 1990 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres alicei Lane, 1977 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres amputator (Fabricius, 1793) [type specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres apiaba Martins, 1981 [holotype specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres aragua Martins & Galileo, 1990 [holotype specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres argentata Dillon & Dillon, 1946 [holotype specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres boliviana Heyrovsky, 1952 [paratype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres bondari Melzer, 1923 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres bouchardii Bates, 1865 [type specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres bucki Melzer, 1934 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres canidia Dillon & Dillon, 1946 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres captiosa Martins, 1981 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres cephalotes Bates, 1865 [type specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres cervina Thomson, 1868 [type specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres chagasi Martins, 1981 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres chevrolatii Thomson, 1868 [type specimen]
  Oncideres c. cingulata (Say, 1826) [♀ specimen]
  Oncideres c. texana Horn, 1885
  Oncideres crassicornis Bates, 1865 [type specimen]
  Oncideres dalmanii Thomson, 1868 [♀ specimen]
  Oncideres defectiofasciata Gilmour, 1950 [holotype specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres dejeanii Thomson, 1868 [type specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres digna Bates, 1865 [type specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres diringsi Martins & Galileo, 1990 [holotype specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres etiolata Dillon & Dillon, 1946 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres fisheri Dillon & Dillon, 1946 [holotype specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres fulva Bates, 1865 [holotype specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres fulvoguttata Dillon & Dillon, 1946 [♂ specimen]
  Oncideres gemmata Dillon & Dillon, 1946 [=O. margaretae holotype spec., ♀]
  Oncideres germarii Thomson, 1868 [type specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres gibbosa Thomson, 1868 [type specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres glebulenta Martins, 1981 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres guttulata Thomson, 1868 [type specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres gutturator (Fabricius, 1775) [type specimen]
  Oncideres humeralis Thomson, 1868 [type specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres irrorata Melzer, 1934 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres jatai Bondar, 1953 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres laceyi Dillon & Dillon, 1949 [holotype specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres limpida Bates, 1865 [type specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres macra Thomson, 1868 [type specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres magnifica Martins, 1981 [holotype specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres malleri Fragoso, 1970 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres manauara Martins & Galileo, 1995 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres miniata Thomson, 1868 [type specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres mirim Martins & Galileo, 1996 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres nicea Dillon & Dillon, 1949 [holotype specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres nipheta Martins, 1981 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres ocellaris Bates, 1885 [type specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres ocularis Thomson, 1868 [type specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres pectoralis Thomson, 1868 [type specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres pepotinga Martins, 1981 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres pittieri Gahan, 1894 [type specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres pretiosa Martins & Galileo, 1990 [holotype specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres pulchella Bates, 1865 [type specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres punctata Dillon & Dillon, 1946 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres pustulata LeConte, 1854 [♀ specimen]
  Oncideres p. putator Thomson, 1868 [type specimen]
  Oncideres quercus Skinner, 1905 [♀ specimen]
  Oncideres rhodosticta Bates, 1885 [♀ specimen]
  Oncideres saga (Dalman, 1823) [type specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres scitula Bates, 1880 [type specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres seabrai Fragoso, 1970 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres senilis Bates, 1885 [type specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres stillata Aurivillius, 1904 [type specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres travassosi Fragoso, 1970 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres tuberculata Thomson, 1868 [type specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres ulcerosa (Germar, 1824) [=Oncideres heterocera type specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres vicina Thomson, 1868 [type specimen, ♀]
  Oncideres vitiliga Martins, 1981 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres voetii Thomson, 1868 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres wappesi Martins & Galileo, 2005 [holotype specimen, ♂]
  Oncideres wappesi Martins & Galileo, 2005 [paratype specimen, ♂]
  • See Bezark & Monné, 2013 for a complete list of species.
  • Specimens of this genus have been collected at MV & UV light.
  • indicates species native to the USA.

    Generic Synonymies
    • The type species of this genus was originally described in the genus Lamia.
    Selected References

    Oncideres cingulata cingulata
    ♀ specimen
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